Our Story

An Italian Restaurant. Kind of…

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For years, Italians have been breaking their mothers hearts and leaving the homeland with rambunctious attitudes and a desire for pleasure. As they spread around the world collecting new stories they left behind but did not forget the traditions of Italy. Using the dining table as a way to travel home, learning to adapt and combining classic dishes with new ingredients, new ways of cooking, new customs, and new ideas.

It is in this spirit we give our hospitality, more Melbourne than Milan, our story comes from years of international experiences and learnings from hundreds of amazing people. Taking the best local produce and knowledge of other cultures to create Italian(ish) dishes that respect but are not defined by old traditions. 

The menu is ever-changing and seasonal, Italian snacks and starters, house-made pasta’s and wood-fired pizza. Stay for hours slowly eating your way through a Sunday afternoon or come for a quick pizza and a beer. Our drinks list is ready to liberate with a cocktail or spritz to start followed by some of the best wines from NZ and abroad. To finish the hedonism, our Tiramisu is will change your life, especially alongside an amaro or limoncello.

At Francesca, the wine is larger, the lights are darker, the laughter is louder, to dine with us is to dine as family. Cold? Let us warm you. Bored? Let us entertain you. Hungry? We have what you need. 

We hope to see you soon.

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